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>>> hello everyone. i'm don lemon. coming to you live from aurora, colorado you're in the cnn newsroom. let's get you up to speed now on what's happening here in aurora. a community still in deep shock today. the mayor of aurora talked to reporters a few minutes ago. he's been meeting with victims of yesterday's horrific movie theater shooting. this is the mayor. >> one of the people i met with this morning at the hospital was somebody who was hit with buckshot in his back, broken rib, punctured lung, broken coar bone. came out his back at the base of his neck. he is doing well right now, believe it or not. that's because he got to the hospital and because the doctors and nurses at the hospital do the best job that they can do. >> now about the apartment where the suspect, james holmes, lived. police say it was definitely booby trapped, rigged with trip wires and some sort of explosive devices. there is still no all clear from the apartment. ed lavendara is there live for us. i'll talk with him in a minute. 12 people died almost 6 o others injured when the masked man sprayed a
>>> from aurora, colorado, this is "cnn saturday morning." good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> we are clear that we are going to rise back and lift ourselves above this. >> arora mourns as it tries to come to grips with this mass shooting at a movie theater. we are putting names with faces and learning new information this morning about the victims' identities. >> it is a very vexing problem how to enter that apartment safely. i personally have never seen anything like what the pictures show us. >> and right now, police and the atf are at suspect james holmes' apartment building. we have some live pictures for you now. they're trying to figure out how they're going to get inside and get past those booby traps that they say he set. shock, anger and disbelief as the community tries to make sense of a mass shooting inside a crowded movie theater. it was supposed to be a night of fun. 12 people are dead, 58 others injured. and the cover of today's "denver post" sums up the feeling here -- "our hearts are broken." ♪ how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> hundre
. stay where you are for all the details as we learn them coming up this evening. let's go to cnn's britneanna kuehler. >> the worst drought in 50 years is crippling farmers in the midwest. half of the states in the regime are reported to be in severe to exceptional drought, the region that produces 75% of the nation's corn and soybean crop. it's especially hard on live stock, many ranchers having to sell off herds early. >>> u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon says the fighting in syria is destroying the country and many syrians would probably agree with him. the opposition says at least 96 people were killed today as battles raged in damascus and other hot spots. dutch journalist sandra van horn is in the capital. >> reporter: a wider area of central damascus it was life almost as usual. now the last three hours a new development has been fierce fighting in the southern suburbs of damascus. i can hear heavy shelling and gun fire and it's been going on with an intensity that i didn't see before in the nine days that i'm in damascus right now. >> the rebels are making gains in othe
money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. >>> you're in the cnn "newsroom." i'm fredericka whitfield. we want to bring you up-to-date surrounding the movie massacre. things are beginning to move rather quickly this hour in aurora, colorado. the scene of the mass shooting at the movie theater that left 12 people dead. new developments at the shooting suspect's apartment now, just moments ago, a controlled detonation of sorts. you heard the boom there. all we understand is that police actually yelled "fire in the hole" three times after placing some sort of wiring through the window by way of bomb experts that were in a bucket that were lifted to that third floor level. they placed some sort of wiring in there and we understand from our security analysts who we spoke to last hour who was explained to us that a device would then be shot into the window when they felt like we had a good point of view. so you heard the boom there. still unclear from the police department whether this was mission accomplished. we don't know if they actually hit their target. we hope to hear more details an
and slowly are trickling into the cnn newsroom. if you were tuned into the last hour, our pentagon correspondent barbara starr confirming staff sergeant jesse childress of the u.s. air force. if you remember, randi, four servicemen in all shot and wounded early friday morning in the aurora, colorado, movie theater shooting, but we've just confirmed staff sergeant jesse childress of california. he was a member of the air force reserve, active duty. his family telling cnn that they were notified at about 1:00 a.m. this morning of his death. john larimer, petty officer with the u.s. navy, also among the list of deceased that cnn has been able to independently confirm. he's a 27-year-old, was in the u.s. navy for less than a year, and was serving his first post there in colorado. the family notified about his death last night. we spoke to -- i spoke to his father, scott, from crystal lake, illinois. he said "we send our thoughts and prayers out to families of the other victims and those still recovering in the hospital. we love you, john, and we will always miss you." matt mcquinn also
by cnn to a shooting almost exactly like this. the shooting at virginia tech, the shooting in arizona of congresswoman gabby giffords. young men, college age, going to college, secretly plotting and planning and carrying out these massacres. and right now we just don't have any answers as to why it happened. fare? >> drew, thank you very much. drew brings up a good point. it's so depressing seeing these things repeat themselves over and over and over again. let's remember the victims, the 12 people who lost their lives and 58 others wounded. nick valencia has some new information. a fourth victim has been identified. nick? >> yes, gary, that's right. this morning new information into the cnn newsroom. this attributed to the dayton daily news. we're finding out the names of one of the 12 that perish said at the guns of james holmes. matt mcquinn was killed, one of the 12 killed there on early friday morning in aurora, co co. his family, like many others of the victims, agonized for hours to find out that he was dead. he died while covering his girlfriend, gary, while shielding her from
is that moviegoers will not be allowed in the theater wearing costumes or mask. mary snow, cnn, new york. >> thanks for watching. i'm don lemon in aurora, colorado. a live "situation room" with wolf blitzer begins right now. >>> happening now -- police blast into the caused colorado killer's apartment. >> this is some serious stuff that our team is dealing with. >> and discovered devices boopy trapped to kill. plus, stories of heroism among the gunfire, and chilling tales of survival. >> i was just thinking, we've got to get out. >> just a few millimeters in or sent meters in, and i don't think i would have left the theater. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> right now, explosives experts in aurora, colorado, are putting themselves in harm's way. they are trying to make sure the apartment left booby trapped by the suspect in the colorado shootings is finally saved. a few hours ago, we watched as crews carefully placeded a robot in the apartment and then waited for it to set off an explosion to take out
. they think that's how he amassed the huge amount of ammunition for his attacks. cnn's ed lavendera is just outside the holmes' apartment complex in aurora. and what are the police and the bomb squads doing right now? >> reporter: well, wolf, it's been a very active last few hours here in this neighborhood. that red brick building you see behind me just to the left of that white truck, that is the building where 24-year-old james holmes lived. and that was where the apartment was that was trapped. they've spent a great deal of time. you heard that explosion. that was deliberately set off by the bomb squad here to begin to try to begin the process of dismantling the trip wires and what they call a very sophisticated setup inside that apartment that could have been very deadly. because of that, authorities now say that they feel that the major threats that were inside that apartment have been diffused, and it's not totally safe yet, but they can begin the process of removing all of the explosive materials that were inside holmes' apartment and they're beginning to take that out. but what's be
would be the last night of her life. her aunt tells cnn she was free spirit and just a great kid. john larimer was in the navy. his father says he was serving at his first post. at midnight saturday, his family found out he had been killed from a navy notification team. alex sullivan's friends called him a gentle giant. the young husband loved to cook. he was celebrating his 27th birthday at the theater where he also worked. he would have celebrated his first wedding anniversary tomorrow. also in the audience, jessica ghawi, the aspiring sports reporter narrowly escaped a mall shooting in canada just last month. now the country is grieving the loss of their lives and the deaths of seven others whose dreams were cut short. >> somebody shooting in the auditorium. >> 315 and 314, there is at least one person that's been shot, but they're saying there's hundreds of people just running around. >> as soon as we heard the first shots, my sister immediately grabbed my arm and wanted to leave as quick as possible. it was terrifying. >> i just remember thinking, i'm not going to die in here. me
there on the scene at 4:00 eastern time, keep it right here. we will carry that live and then later on, cnn's don lemon will be hosting a live special coverage of the colorado theater shooting from colorado tonight at 8:00 eastern time. ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with new tide pods. just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined pop in. stand out. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther. you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male
the deceased, cnn can confirm micayla medek, 23, also among the dead. we spoke to her aunt, an emotional interview. gary tuchman spoke to her a short time ago. she was said to be an independent girl, great fun. and this is just the saddest part, randi, if you can believe this -- the family waiting 19 hours before they found out about her status, her condition, and that's just the family there saying that just took too long for them to find out. lastly, of course, a name we've been hearing a lot, jessica ghawi, or jessica redfield. her brother, jordan, has been very active on social media, creating that trending hashtag, #ripjessica. she was an aspiring sports broadcaster and somebody who no doubt would have had a great impact on our industry and on our field. she had moved to denver from texas within the last year to pursue that dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. she also had survived a recent shooting in toronto, canada, if you can believe that, randi. she escaped that only to perish in this shooting early friday morning in aurora, colorado. randi? >> yeah, and i had read her blog
to find out? >> cnn has been able to independently confirm four of the 12 people that were killed early friday in aurora, colorado, at the movie theater. just into cnn earlier this morning, matt mcquinn being listed among the deceased. his family, like many others, spending hours agonizing, only to find out that their loved one was deceased. he was at the movie with his girlfriend and her brother and died while trying to save his girlfriend, shielding her from those bullets. to make matters even worse for her, the hospital would not confirm his condition, because they are not related. i want you to take a look at this next photo, alex sullivan, who planned to celebrate his 27th birthday with a special midnight showing there of "the dark knight." he was also anticipating his first wedding anniversary celebration on sunday, with his wife, you see there. he's described by his uncle as a funny guy, witty, smart, with a big heart. and you can tell right there from those photos that he was definitely a loving man. his family released a statement to cnn saying, the sullivan family lost a cheri
'll continue to follow this. we'll be live here from aurora, colorado, once again tomorrow morning on "cnn sunday morning." thanks for watching. cnn newsroom continues now. >> all right. thanks so much. great reporting there. of course, the rest of our team still in place there aurora. we'll be checking in with a number of our colleagues there. hello, everyone. so right now let's bring you up to speed on all that's taking place. live images right now. bomb squads in colorado are surrounding that booby trapped apartment belonging to the suspect in that deadly shooting rampage at the movie theater in aurora. a live report from the scene is it just moments away. ground images now as well as they continue to put up tape around that cordoned off area. police are revealing more disturbing details about the attack in and of itself. and suspected gunman james holmes. people who knew him are also speaking out now and a new photo posted on a sex website may be that of hole am with red hair there. we'll tell you how that could impact this investigation. the community gathers in prayer to remember th
>>> good evening, everyone, coming to you live from aurora, colorado. you oar in the cnn newsroom tonight. lots to get to tonight. we're about to walk you through the horrific movie theater shooting, minute by minute, as a gunman opened fire. you'll see what he did before hand and how police found him immeately afterward. also right now, police here in aurora are still not talking about possible motives. what would make a young man suddenly commit so much violence against so many people? colorado police and the fbi have been all over james holmes' apartment today, slowly and carefully since the front door was rigged to trigger a bomb. we're going to live to the apartment building in just a couple of moments. let's go to breanna keeler. >> don, the worst drought in more than 50 years is crippling farmers in the midwest. half of the states in the region are reported to be in severe to exceptional drought. that's the region that produces about 75% of the nation's corn and soybean crop. the drought is especially hard on livestock. many ranchers having to sell off their herds early. wi
the latest of the overall scope of this investigation and of course, cnn will be bringing that to you live and then later on, our coverage doesn't end. at 8:00 p.m., a special hosted by my colleague cnn's don lemon, a special primetime coverage special of this colorado theater shooting. >>> all right, now that the hazards have been removed possibly from the suspect's apartment, well, what is next? retired fbi agent will tell us. i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive around town all the time doing errands and never ever have to fill up gas in the city. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. the last time i went to the gas station must have been about three months ago. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪ that i forget how to put gas in my car. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your
'm rejoined by cnn contributor will cane and bill gross, founder and co-chief investment officer of pimco. we want to pick up where we left off. surprising amount of agreement. this is actually not that surprising. i think everybody in america with maybe a very few xpepgexces understand we need tax reform. we need economic growth. we need to solve the jobs problem. i don't think there is anyone that would like us to go over the fiscal cliff. why is this problem not getting solved? >> you have to give something up. some people are going to give something up. some people could give up mortgage interest deduction. sh could give up some of their retirement benefits. i don't even know what is all on the table to give up. no one wants to give anything up. in a way, it's almost like america is living the me more now bubbler are a. no one wants to pay for what we've already spent. >> well, okay. >> i reject your premise. the fiscal cliff will be avoided. calvin coolage said if you see ten problems coming down the road, odds are if you stand still, nine will fall in the ditch. the fiscal cliff is goin
for us tonight. ac "360" starts now. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." >>> the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. a gunman opens fire in a colorado movie theater, wounding 58, killing 12. and we can now tell you two more of their names. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. #. >> new details revealed about the suspected shooter. he lived alone, kept to himself. but james holmes was also a one-time ph.d. canned tate and an honor student. more on the man now in custody. plus -- >> i personally have never seen anything like whathe pictures show us is in there. >> trip wires, gas canisters, booby-traps. an apartment so dangerous law enforcement still can't get inside. we'll take you live to the suspect's building. it's saturday, july 21st. good morning, everyone. i'm gary tuchman. a little over 24 hours ago the nation first heard the news. a shooter opened fire inside a crowded theater. 12 people dead, 58 others injured. as many as 11 of those are in the hospital in critical condition. we'll get you out to the scene in just
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and implementing his plan, over the last two months, june and july, is when he bought the guns. on july 2nd, cnn has obtained this receipt to buy tactical gear from an outfit in missouri. it included an urban assault best, a triple pistol magazine, a magazine pouch and a knife. all of them specified ordered in black and all of them ordered second-day air. >> i'm just looking at the fire power. 3,000 rounds. it's unbelievable. is there anything on this guy which would explain why he did this? >> well, we've been covering all the usual suspects, the courts, any kind of court cases, arrest records, girlfriends who would post something online, if if he would post something online. we've been down this road, we've seen the youtube videos that are posted. we've seen none of this. all we're getting is that he was a pretty good, smart student. >> it happened on opening night. do we know if he planned all along to have this happen on opening night? >> we learned from ray kelly, the police commissioner of new york that his hair was dyed red and the guy called himself the joker and obviously there's some c
will be on hand to offer support. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords husband mark kelly told cnn's anderson cooper how helpful it can be. >> for folks directly affected by this, the victims, the ones that were not killed and the family members, it really helps to come together as a community. that happened in tucson. i think these towns like tucson tend to rise to the occasion that. support really helps those people that are experiencing this. >> joining me is clinical psychologist jeff gardier. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> how does someone, jeff, recover from an experience like this? >> well, from exactly what we just heard from gabby giffords's husband. it is about support, families coming together. we know grief counselors are on the ground, they are working with the remaining victims, with the family members so that debriefing will help them in processing what's going on. but we need to be very clear that all of these people are still in a state of shock. so it's about offering them support, letting them know they have an ear and they have a shoulder and whatever their nee
of time 2 ."] [cnn video na-83fr, na-81fr, po-147th, po82-th, re73th, po53tm][please slug wbffóobamaótimeóeconomy]] [ntsnd obama walking off helicopter cnn p053-th] ntnsd=;02president obama, like so many presidents, is seemingly always on the go. here he is is at andrews air force base on thursday boarding an airplane for a two day campaign swing through florida. according to peter schweizer's (shh white-zer ) analysis -- that means the president will spend more time in the air this week than he'll devote to restoring the economy.[sot in peter skype interview ]sot "in 22:30:53 "there are certain periods when literally he will go more than a week without having a briefing or meeting on the economy." trt=:08schweizer's think tann, the government accountability institute, reviewed all of the one thousand 257 days obama has been in office and found that in any given week... [take graphic "obamatime"]in a typical week, the president spends 138 minutes attending strategic meetings to discuss the economy. this year, that adds up to 24 hours -- that's the total -- one d
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've been able to confirm here at cnn, micayla medek among the dead. 23 years old. we had an emotional interview this morning with gary tuchman who talked to her aunt. she is described as very spiritual, an independent girl who was great fun. it took her family 19 hours to find out she had died. jessica ghawi our last independently confirmed person on this list of deceased. her brother is being very active on social media. has created the trending hash tag rip jessica. she was first shot in the leg according to witnesses and later took a fatal shot to the head. great story about her that she was an aspiring sports broadcaster, aspiring journalist. we spoke to people that knew her. i tweeted her brother earlier just before coming on and he thanks us for honoring her legacy and remembering her. she would have been a great contribution to our industry and, unfortunately, died that day. ironically enough, fredricka, she also survived a similar incident in toronto, canada last month in a mall shooting there. survived one attack only to die in another. >> gosh, heart breaking. so many terrib
had died. earlier, cnn's gary tuchman talked with her aunt, jenny zakovich, on the telephone. >> we're just taking it minute by minute. we just wish we could be out there with my brother right now. we're trying to arrange -- sorry. we're trying to put some stuff together to get my family, micayla's 81-year-old grandma is here in the milwaukee area and we want to get us all together and maybe try to rent a van or something, and get out there to be with my brother. it's -- she was a great kid. she was just finding herself. she would never harm anybody. she didn't deserve to die this the way. >> and then she also had something to say to the family of the shooter. >> i feel for the family of the shooter. i can't imagine what they're going through at this time. just let them know, we don't blame them for his actions. and my heart goes out to the mom and dad of that family, too. >> of course, the family of the suspect, james holmes, is still trying to make sense of everything, and everything that's happened here. and they've asked for privacy while they cooperate with investigators. >>> w
of silence and time to come together. >> all right. cnn is reporting live from aurora. thanks sandra. >> such a tough situation out there. >> it certainly is. >> closer to home, we are looking to the weather and changes coming. >> cloudy and cool conditions, after two days of 100 -- over 100. outside, today this is looking out toward the west. the cool air imagine you are facing and sometimes you can see the wind and there it is. our temperature now with that cool front that came through and sort of the focus of some of the showers. fortunately, no flooding. we don't need that. 71 degrees outside right now. the last time we had a high temperature below 80 degrees almost a month ago. earlier, it was 82 here, look at the mid-part of the country oklahoma city, another record. not only do they have the drought, but 109 degrees there in oklahoma city. the highest temperature oklahoma city has had in july, 110 and that was a year ago. all-time record, 113. it is in the 80's there. we are getting a break because of that little wave in the atmosphere, if you w
't eat bacon. let's see michele bachmann explain this theory to cnn's donna bash. >> hey, congresswoman, how are you. >> sorry, i can't right now. >> i just need to ask you, senator mccain was on the senate floor and he said what you are doing, going after humana -- -- huma. >> i can't do it right now. >> request you go an interview late-- interview later. >> yes, i can. >> jon: i can't go right now, i got to, just up or down, i don't know, it's just the stairs and then i-- just bye. that bachmann can move. (laughter) i think she's like that bus in the movie speed. if she slows down too much her mouth explodes with stupidity. (laughter) seriously f you want to be that circuitous you can probably connect almost anyone to islamic terrorist even michele bachmann. the name bachmann is also the name of a company that makes pretzels. the very snack complicit in the failed 2002 assassination attempt on george w. bush when he choked on a bachmann pretzel. if the assassination had succeeded it would have prevented bush from invading iraq and killed saddam hussein. -- this is really hard. all rig
reaction was i thought it meant "commanding officer." i looked through my e-mail and then i saw the cnn breaking news e-mail that outlined what happened. gabby and i had just gotten up. we were just horrified over how could this happen again i mean, just 18 months later. >> and that was her reaction as well obviously? >> yeah, it was, just shocked, sad. this is a really, really difficult time for those folks. it's going to take a long time to recover. >> as a family member of someone who was shot, how do you take the next step? i mean, how do you get up the next day? how do you get through something like this? >> well, think everybody handles it differently. and i think there are those stages of grief. you know, for me, the first thing was disbelief and shot. and then i very quickly got to anger. you know, even a year and a half later, this is a process that takes a long time. for me, a year and a half later, i think about this every single day. i think about what gabby goes through. what the other families of the victims. christina taylor green's family is an example. the story you tol
on the television, and everyone on television on cnn and msnbc -- they were all talking about the very things i have been talking about for years with rocky flats. i think that fukushima really brought everything to a head with officials in this country and beyond. i think it has changed the conversation and i think people are much more willing to look at what has happened not only with our nuclear weapons policies and programs, but also with nuclear power and as we consider moving forward into the future. we may be building more. one thing we must take into consideration is the human cost. that is one thing people don't talk about vermont. i don't know of a singular nuclear site that is not contaminated -- contaminating local neighborhoods and areas. maybe there is one. but i think they have a 100% record on that. are there any other questions? >> thank you so much for being here. [laughter] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> for more information, visit the author's website kristen here's a look at some books that are being published this week. the only surviving child of w
. thank you very much. that's all for us tonight. ac "360" starts now. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." >>> the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. a gunman opens fire in a colorado movie theater, wounding 58, killing 12. and we can now tell you two more of their names. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. #. >> new details revealed about the suspected shooter. he lived alone, kept to himself. but james holmes was also a one-time ph.d. canned tate and an honor student. more on the man now in custody. plus -- >> i personally have never seen anything like what the pictures show us is in there. >> trip wires, gas canisters, booby-traps. an apartment so dangerous law enforcement still can't get inside. we'll take you live to the suspect's building. it's saturday, july 21st. good morning, everyone. i'm gary tuchman. a little over 24 hours ago the nation first heard the news. a shooter opened fire inside a crowded theater. 12 people dead, 58 others injured. as many as 11 of those are in the hospital in critical condition. we'l
divisions combined and cnn and msnbc. it's enormously successful. and if they abandon that business model, if fox news tomorrow said, all right, here's the new message from roger ailes, can't we all just get along? you know, we may not like what this president wants to do, but he's a good man, and we could probably find ways to work with him, i would guarantee you within a week there would be a wolf news channel that would take the old message, and the two-and-a-half million people at any given time would all gravitate over there. and that's where the money making would be. so it's very hard to change this stuff. how do you create a new public square where you can at least share a common set of facts and then debate hammer and tong over solutions? that's the challenge, and we discuss that a little bit. at the same time, getting to what mickey said, we've got to find ways to broaden the electorate. we are both big fans, all three of us having spent time in australia, are big fans of the australian system of mandatory attendance at the polls. i won't get into the details here, but basically
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